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6 "Must" Dessert Stops in New York City

by Adam Guy

Can we all agree that desserts should be considered as a basic food group? When I show people around the city, I always consider a stop somewhere along the way for a cupcake or cookie.

Cannolis in New York

The options in New York are endless. I’ve picked out six of them that I often recommend for visitors to try as they explore the city. Spoons up; here we go...

Located on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, this gem of a place has a dessert that looks like a potted plant called The Harvest. It has layers of berries, soft cheesecake, Oreo crumbs and earl grey milk tea served with raspberry sorbet. The crumbs ARE the dirt! And it’s simply delicious. So are all their other desserts.

Spot Dessert bar in New York City

What’s a Merveilleux? A light fluffy merengue-y cloud of sugary goodness! It’s like a puff of joy in your mouth. Oh and THE BRIOCHE! Just go. Two locations. Greenwich Village near Chelsea and Midtown on 6th Ave just south of Bryant Park.

Merveilleux in New York City

I come here for the Chocolate Babka. I stay for the Chocolate Babka. I return for the Chocolate Babka. I’m sure everything they make is wonderful, but I’ve only had the Babka, and I’m just fine with that. There are four locations around the city.

When the name is the description… It’s a tiny place in a basement at 163 Chrystie Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

You kind of have to include a classic Italian bakery on a dessert place list in NYC. Veniero’s in the East Village is one of the best. Cannolis, biscotti, cheesecake… I bet I had you at cannolis.

This is my go-to cookie place before or after a Broadway show or anytime I’m in Hell’s Kitchen. Two words: Maple Bacon. Two more words: Fluffer Nutter.

AND on my list to still try...

New York Magazine wrote, “This tiny East Village dessert bar turns out carefully constructed presentations with a sushi chef’s concentration.” They also make note of the Club’s “sorbet floating in sparkling wine, melting wheels of fromage blanc ‘cheesecake‘ on great blocks of ice.” Does anything more need to be said? I’m going!

Because when cream puffs and macarons are involved, life is just better. Enemies become friends. Kids get better grades. The divorce rate drops. All proven facts, of course. Locations are on the Upper West Side and in the West Village.


I’d be delighted to include one of these stops on a tour. You just need to book one! I make them fun… promise. Check out I Know A Guy NYC Tours. Send me an email at or shoot a text my way (404-915-9901) so we can figure out the best adventure for your family or group.

I give private neighborhood walking tours all over the city. Lots of people from around the world have done this. See what they’ve had to say on Google Reviews.

I also post a lot about everything NYC – great places, fun facts, special moments - on Facebook or Instagram. Follow along and you may be inspired to finally book that trip to the Big Apple.


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© All photos by Adam Guy


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