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8 Tips for Attending the TODAY SHOW in Person!

By Adam Guy

Waking up early to get yourself on THE TODAY SHOW is a “thing to do” in NYC. Many of my guests have braved an early wake up, brought decorated signs, and shown up at Rockefeller Center Plaza to get a glimpse of hosts Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, or Hoda Kotb and perhaps be featured on national TV.

Hoda Kotb on the Today Show TV Debut

And why not? It’s fun, especially if there’s a big celebrity or performance taking place on the Plaza where they film. But it helps to know a things or two before you put this on your trip itinerary.

Here are 8 tips for attending THE TODAY SHOW:

1. ARRIVE EARLY. The show is live at 7:00 a.m. I suggest getting there at 6:00 a.m. at the latest (5:30 a.m. is fine too.) to get a good spot along the barricades. The TODAY Plaza is first-come, first-served until it reaches capacity. Most of the outdoor segments take place in the second hour. The first hour is mostly news. The show ends at 9:00 a.m.

2. PEE BEFORE YOU LEAVE… maybe twice. While Rockefeller Center does have restrooms, going in and out of Today Show security is a pain... and you might lose your spot./.

3. DRESS WARMLY AND APPROPRIATELY. They film in all types of weather, and it’s all outside. If you want to costume-it-up or have your group wear matching T-shirts or hats, then go for it. Most of the people that get on TV are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or have some catchy gimmick. But keep your clothes on and no skimpy styles. No one wants to see you like that in the morning anyway.

Dressed up like Elvis with Savannah Guthrie for a TV Debut on the Today Show

4. PLAN AHEAD. Occasionally, they don’t step out onto the Plaza for segments, especially if it’s a heavy news day. Double check the website before you go to see if anything is or is not happening.

5. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Standing around for hours can get tiresome.

6. BEHAVE! Don’t be loud or obnoxious. They WILL ask you to leave if you are. Just be polite, follow the rules, and respect all the people around you who are also there to have a fun time. You may not get on TV. That is OK. Your world will not crumble into the sea if you don’t.

Holding a sign for The Today Show

7. RECORD THE SHOW. Tell your friends to watch and set your DVR to record the show. Lots of my guests have made it on TV even if just for a brief camera pan. It’s silly, yes, but surprisingly satisfying.

8. HAVE FUN. Be present and enjoy the moment. It’s not every day or in any other city where you can do this.

Now set your alarms and be a part of TODAY!


I may not be smart as Savannah Guthrie or as charismatic as Al Roker, but I promise you’ll have a ball touring around New York City with me.

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© All photos by Adam Guy



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